Connecting communities since 1993

 Vision for Eight Mile

Many jurisdictions begin, end and overlap on Eight Mile, complicating services such as public transit. Its reputation as a divider between Detroiters and suburbanites also fuels socioeconomic inequality. The Eight Mile Boulevard Association exists to address this problem through collaboration while achieving tangible progress.

Founded in 1993 by a task force including the Michgan Department of Transportation, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (known at the time as the Greater Detroit Economic Group) and thirteen communities and three counties bordering Eight Mile Road, we achieve progress through purposeful action, leveraging shared community victories as positive examples of what collaboration can bring to individual stakeholders.

No other organization prioritizes Eight Mile as we do; our consistent presence on the corridor allows us to facilitate targeted action by Eight Mile communities. Together with block clubs, businesses, government agencies and others, we are a conduit for change, generating tangible results that make a lasting difference, from bike paths and urban gardens to large retail developments.

8MBA is governed by a 30-member Board of Directors, made up of the chief elected officials from communities and  counties along Eight Mile, Michigan Department of Transportation, and several businesses who have assets or operations on Eight Mile. 8MBA also invites individuals, churches, schools and others to join as members; each has a voice in the priorities and activities of 8MBA.

Click //HERE to read the complete Vision for Eight Mile.

8MBA Accomplishments

  • Awarded nearly $4 million in grants since formation in 1993.
  • Initiated Facade Improvement  Program to assist property owners with improvements to their property.
  • Planted and maintain 36 perennial gardens 11 city identification signs with the Eight Mile median.
  • Implemented Boulevard Builder Program to address code compliance issues.
  • Coordinate annual Clean the D Campaign  to improve the appearance of Eight Mile Road.
  • Assemble the annual Leadership Luncheon to discuss the progress made in Southeast Michigan, particularly along Eight Mile Road.
  • Present annual Beautification Awards, acknowledging businesses that have put in quality time and effort towards maintaining the appearance of their property.
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