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Facade Improvement Program (FIP)

Fresh Fish House [Detroit, 2012] - After

Fresh Fish House [Detroit, 2012] - Before

The Eight Mile Boulevard Association Facade Improvement Program (FIP) was established in 2008 as a means to encourage aesthetic enhancement and visually unify the corridor by providing financial assistance to businesses and/or property owners located on Eight Mile Road. FIP leverages financial assistance and design expertise to fuel transformative investment and promote a higher standard of property design and maintenance throughout the corridor.  8MBA strives to serve as a model for other corridors, communities and districts in the region.

As part of the program, the Eight Mile Boulevard Association acts as a grant administrating body and works directly with successful applicants to achieve a more unified and pleasing environment throughout the corridor. Click on any of the links below to learn more about the Facade Improvement Program (FIP)


To learn more about what projects are eligible for selection in
to the program, click


To learn more about the 6 Step process involved in being a FIP candidate, click


To learn how to apply for the program and to review the 8MBA approved design guidelines for 8 Mile Road. 


To view the past few years of completed FIP Projects, click


To learn more about the history of the program, click //HERE

Program History

To date, the Fa├žade Improvement Program (FIP) has supported more than two dozen projects along the Eight Mile corridor through design assistance and/or construction activities grants. Click //HERE to view more examples of past FIP projects. Also, click on the map below to see where the Facade Improvement Program has been working on Eight Mile.

USA Perfect Imaging [Southfield, 2010] - After
  USA Perfect Imaging [Southfield, 2010] - Before

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