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8MBA has raised over $2mm which funded nearly 30 revitalization projects over the past three decades. Join us today to become a part of this tremendous organization.
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The Eight Mile Boulevard Association (8MBA) is a conduit for socioeconomic Change in Southeastern Michigan. Join us in bringing tangible and impactful revitalization to the region

Neighborhood Intervention

8MBA prides ourselves on delivering impactful projects for those living in the many diverse neighborhoods along 8 Mile.

corridor beautification

8MBA works to bring the region's artistic community and the business community together to bring beautiful installations and creative landscaping to the region.

business development

Our stretch of 8 Mile is home to over 1,500 local businesses and large corporations. 8MBA works to unite these businesses under one banner to ensure that a diversity of development is brought to the region. 



8 Mile was surveyed in 1815 as the baseline for Michigan's road system. In the two centuries since the road has expanded into the region's premier East-West transportation corridor. 8MBA works to highlight the importance of the Boulevard making it a destination for travelers in the region.

About 8MBA

8MBA was founded in 1993 by the regionally minded mayor of Detroit and the Executives of Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties who saw the need for regional collaboration along 8 Mile Road.

In the years since, the 12 other communities that border the Boulevard, local businesses, and large corporations have joined 8MBA and have worked to implement nearly 30 impactful revitalization projects.

As we move into a new decade, 8MBA is positioned to continue to bring tangible change to 8 Mile.

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