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Spud Headz: Comforting the Boulevard

December 12, 2019 4:19 PM | Deleted user

This post was made possible with the help of 8MBA intern Steve Cleaves-Jones

Few things are a better remedy cold weather better than comfort food. And what’s more comforting than the potato. You can mash it, you can fry it, and you can add it to just about any other meal, as you attempt to warm up in the winter months. 

And if you’re in the mood for some potatoes this winter you should look no further than Spud Headz who has been serving up potato based dishes on 8 Mile since 2012.

Spud Headz specialty is a smashed baked potato, which consists of a baked potato that has been smashed flat on a plate, the potato is then covered in a wide variety of foods. A customer can order something simple like the Chicken & Broccoli Potato which consists of grilled chicken, broccoli and cheese or something extravagant like the The Thanksgiving Potato, which includes a feast of roasted turkey, cheese, gravy and cranberry sauce. If you desire a different carb as your base you can also order one of their fantastic rice dishes.

Spud Headz set up shop on the north side of 8 Mile in Warren but proprietor, JR sometimes wishes he was on the Detroit side of the boulevard. But he also acknowledges that he has created a solid client base over the course of the decade.

The public has taken to Spud Headz over the years. Multiple internet reviews mention its cool vintage looking sign was the first thing to catch their eye. Its sign, along with its large dining room has made it an attractive location to grab some comforting food on the East Side of 8 Mile. But the proprietor of Spud Headz, who goes by Jr, knows there is always room for improvement. Jr hopes that in the years to come some beautification will come to the area so that more people from both sides of 8 Mile feel comfortable coming into his space.

As the region continues to grow, Spud Headz is primed to succeed due to their great designs, comfortable spaces, and tasty food.

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