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Selection Criteria & Eligibility

The activities and criteria listed below are general descriptions. Please contact the Eight Mile Boulevard Association to see if your project is eligible for funding.

Program Eligibility

The Façade Improvement Program is available to all properties on Eight Mile within the 8MBA District. Commercial and industrial properties are eligible to apply (written approval from property owner is required if not owned by applicant).

All applicants must comply with local municipal building requirements (permits obtained when necessary).

Eligible Activities

  • Entrances, doors, windows, architectural detail or awnings (install, repair, replace)
  • Signage (remove, repair, replace)
  • Architectural Features (accentuate with lighting, painting, restoration or replacement)
  • Masonry, Stone or Tile for façades or screen/knee walls that separate parking areas from public right-of-way (install, clean, repair)
  • Decorative security fence (repair, replace)
  • Barrier-free access

Ineligible Activities:

  • Roof*
  • Parking lot improvements*
  • Landscaping*
  • Screen walls that are required by a zoning ordinance to separate zoning districts

      * (considered when combined with a barrier-free access improvement)

Potential Additional Award Activities

These “above and beyond” work scopes will follow strict, mutually agreed upon guidelines between 8MBA and program participant.

  • Historic Preservation
  • LEED Certification
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Transformational Neighborhood Projects

Selection Criteria

Please note that all applications and renderings will be presented to the 8MBA Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) for final approval.

Applications will be approved by the PAC based on:

  • The rendering’s adherence to the 8MBA Design Guidelines  8MBA Design Guidelines.
  • The additional impact that this grant will have on the business’ improvements to the facade. For example, what will your business do with this funding that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to accomplish?
  • The impact on the surrounding community. For example, do the improvements to your property add value to the community and businesses around you?”


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