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  • May 19, 2014 2:42 PM | Deleted user

    8MBA is gearing up for warmer weather with enhancements to the 36 perennial gardens we’ve installed and continue to maintain along the corridor.

    Thanks to $13,000 from MDOT, we will be redesigning plant beds to reduce materials usage and installing new plants to provide lush, vibrant landscaping throughout the corridor. The enhancements will reduce the annual cost of maintaining our gardens by $2,800 each year and are scheduled for completion by the end of June 2014.

    8MBA’s garden enhancements are part of a corridor-wide blitz by Eight Mile’s communities and MDOT to ensure that our medians are well-maintained throughout warm-weather months.

    In addition to our garden crews, you’ll see regular mowing and litter removal throughout the corridor. 8MBA facilitated a partnership between MDOT and the Cities of Ferndale, Oak Park, Southfield and Warren to coordinate the maintenance of Eight Mile’s medians between Grand River and Kelly. We sincerely appreciate their collaborative efforts to keep Eight Mile looking its best.

    Please contact 8MBA with any feedback about our gardens or the condition of the Eight Mile medians. 

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    8MBA is teaming up with the International Council of Shopping Centers to promote the 44th Annual International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Michigan Idea Exchange & Alliance Program. The Idea Exchange is coming to Novi on July 24, 2014 at The Suburban Collection Showplace. 

    The event features a luncheon with Keynote remarks from the COO of Rouse Properties, Ben Schall. Rouse owns 34 malls and 23.4 million square feet of retail space from coast-to-coast, and is just one example of the caliber of real estate moguls, economic development professionals and other movers and shakers in real estate who will be in attendance. 

    After lunch, experience ten Roundtable discussions, a Municipal Runway and a Retail Runway, packed with opportunities to gain insights and connections that can help your projects soar.  The day is capped off by a two-hour Deal Making session where Real Estate Developers, Brokers, Mall Managers and Professional Service Providers will connect with Retailers.

    Don’t miss your chance to be part of the real estate action in Southeast Michigan!

    8MBA will be there - Click here for information on how you can join us.

    Attention Eight Mile developers, real estate agents and building owners: 

    In addition to attending the event, 8MBA will be hosting a table highlighting properties and projects along the Eight Mile corridor.  If you would like us to highlight your property, project or available space, please contact 8MBA by June 10th.

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    2012 Clean Up of Farmington's "Coasting the Baseline" made possible with the assistance of 8MBA, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and artist David Barr.

    The City of Southfield is close to installing Eight Mile’s fourth Coasting the Baseline Obelisk! To-date, approximately $28K has been raised from partners on Eight Mile, in Southfield and throughout the region to support the installation of the obelisk as part of a new plaza being constructed at the corner of Eight Mile and Rutland in Southfield.

    The project, supported entirely through donations, will add to a collection of obelisks along Eight Mile in Novi, Northville and Farmington Hills. Designed by Michigan native and world-renowned sculptor David Barr, the obelisks include engraved references to early surveying methods used throughout America, Eight Mile’s role as the first line on the first map of Michigan and elements of local history for communities along Eight Mile Road.

    Conceptual drawing of Eight Mile and Rutland site for the Coasting the Baseline - Southfield obelisk and plaza

    With an expected installation this August, the City of Southfield is inviting businesses, community groups and others connected to Eight Mile Road to be part of the project.

    Tax-deductible donation opportunities are still available. For a nominal fee, you can have your name, company or organization etched in stone as part of Southfield’s rich history.

    For more information or to make a donation, contact:

    • Southfield City Councilmen Kenson Siver, Donald Fracassi or Jeremy Moss (248-796-5150)
    • Southfield City Planner Terry Croad (248-796-4154) or

    8MBA is pleased to support Southfield in their efforts to advance the Coasting the Baseline Program. 

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    A guest column by Sheryl Mitchell, April 27, 2014

    The opinions expressed in this blog were first expressed in the Oakland 115 on April 27th, 2014 and are solely those of the guest blogger.

    I had the opportunity to attend the Leadership Luncheon on April 25th that was held at Cobo by the Eight Mile Boulevard Association (8MBA) and witnessed an unexpected show of regional collaboration that was so powerful that it almost brought me to tears. As a bit of background, the 8MBA is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1993 to revitalize and promote the Eight Mile transportation, business and residential corridor by linking the public and private sectors.

    The luncheon is their annual fundraising event and featured a panel discussion of the “Big Four” – City of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel, Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, and Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson. The panel discussion was moderated by TV Commentator and Attorney Charlie Langston. The room was packed with several hundred people, who like me, were probably expecting some heated discussions about regionalizing the water system, Detroit’s bankruptcy, and the usual snips and bravado that this group is well known for displaying when in each other’s company.

    But the moment that resonated in my mind and touched my heart was not related to a caustic comment, but a spontaneous action just before the discussion began. The gentlemen were introduced one at a time and each entered the stage to take their seat. First Duggan, then Hackel and Ficano. Patterson was last and was in his wheelchair as a result of the serious injuries that he sustained in a car accident over a year ago.

    The panelists were to be seated in raised bar seats and it was difficult for Patterson to maneuver himself from the wheelchair to the be seated in this tall chair. What happened next was that the other three men left their seats and stood shoulder to shoulder to surround and support Patterson. This was unplanned and unrehearsed. From the audience, I couldn’t even see Patterson. All I saw as a solid wall of brotherly support. A wall of men so strong and firm that even if Patterson had completely lost all ability to stand on his own…they had him! They would not let him slip or fall. They were each there without any hesitation to fully support him in reaching his objective. He didn’t ask for their help. But, each of his colleagues was there without question or hesitation. They demonstrated that by working together they could overcome any obstacle. They worked together as a team, unselfish, not hindered by political one upsmanship.

    Their action only took a couple of seconds. But it has permanently embedded in my mind the question: “What if they acted this way when they were discussing often difficult regional issues?” What if instead of building walls around their political geographic turfs, they instead locked arms and built a solid bridge to connect, protect, and preserve their shared territory of Southeast Michigan? What if they realized that in their most vulnerable moments, that the others wouldn’t take advantage or poke fun in an attempt to humiliate them and their situation; but instead that knew that their neighbors would stand beside them and earnestly work together to ensure the success of even the weakest member, because ultimately we are all in this together.

    This profoundly transformed my perspective of what can happen in Southeast Michigan. If this could happen in a few seconds on a stage…then possibly it could transpire in the backrooms of political negotiations. And, just maybe – there is a glimmer of hope that Eight Mile will no longer be the road that divides Detroit and the Counties of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb. But, Eight Mile can be the symbol of the unifying thread that connects our region. Just maybe.

    For more information on 8 Mile Boulevard Association check out their website at

    A link to the original blog can be found here.

  • March 27, 2014 12:44 PM | Deleted user

    Governor Rick Snyder providing closing remarks alongside former Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and County Executives Robert Ficano and L. Brooks Patterson at the 2013 Leadership Luncheon.

    Now in its 15th year, the annual 8MBA Leadership Luncheon is once again right around the corner, set for Friday, April 25, 2014. The region’s “Big Four” – Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and County Executives Robert Ficano, Mark Hackel and L. Brooks Patterson – return to center stage with WWJ’s own Charlie Langton as moderator for an interactive discussion about the challenges facing Eight Mile and our region, and our efforts to address them.

    The 8MBA Leadership Luncheon’s continuous growth has helped it become an important event on the calendar for southeast Michigan, with increasing attendance that not even our Eight Mile venues can hold.  2014 is no different, as we bring this year’s event to the newly renovated Cobo Center! 

    Overlooking the Detroit River, Cobo Center’s new Grand Ballroom provides a breathtaking backdrop for our traditional afternoon of networking and discussion among one of the region’s largest gatherings of movers, shakers and decision-makers.

    This year, we recognize the “Faces of Eight Mile”, paying homage to the business, government and community leaders that support the revitalization of Eight Mile through their efforts, including Luncheon guests like you, whose tax-deductible ticket purchases also fund the 8MBA programs that are driving positive change on Eight Mile. 

    As we emerge from Michigan’s arctic winter, be sure you secure one of the hottest tickets this spring.

    Click Here to register online today!

    Once you’ve saved your seat, be sure to visit our Facebook page for a sneak peak at the exciting lineup of auction and raffle items that will be up for grabs this year.

  • March 27, 2014 12:38 PM | Deleted user

    2013 projects included repainting Viking Boxing Gym with Challenge Detroit

    May 3rd brings the return of one of our signature events, 8MBA Clean The D. This massive volunteer-led effort brings together hundreds of students, corporate team members, neighborhood block groups, and more to spend the day on a corridor-wide beautification blitz, including cleaning, planting, painting, and weeding projects at specific sites along Eight Mile.

    The event not only fights blight by enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the corridor, but it unites a highly diverse group of stakeholders – students and workers, young and old, urban and suburban – around the common cause of civic engagement. By connecting our greater regional community at Eight Mile, where all assemble to make a difference, 8MBA Clean the D helps flip the script on an outdated perception of Eight Mile as a regional divider.

    As Clean the D continues to grow each year, 8MBA continually invites individuals and groups to submit project ideas for our dedicated volunteer groups to tackle, or to join us out on Eight Mile.

    If you have a project idea on Eight Mile Road that you would like us to consider for Clean the D 2014, or if you’d like to roll up your sleeves and join us, please contact Steve Horstman via email at
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    Advantage Health Center after a $1.6 Million renovation

    The 8MBA Façade Improvement Program’s first 2013-2014 Award Recipient has completed renovations and is undergoing final inspection. Advantage Health Center at 4669 E. Eight Mile in Warren has completed their overhaul of the former H.J. Oldenkamp building.

    Advantage Health Center received a $5K award from 8MBA to support renovations including new signage, landscaping improvements and a façade renovation that involved new paint and an updated window/paneling system. In addition to financial support, 8MBA also provided design consultation on painting and signage improvements. As property owner, Advantage Health Center invested $1.6 million into the project.

    Advantage Health Center Before - Courtesy of Google Street view

    Advantage Health Center Mid-Renovation

    Advantage Health Center - After

    After - Eight Mile Signage

    A new and more transparent storefront system along Eight Mile.

    Thanks to 8MBA design assistance, the intricate brick diamond detailing of the East facade has been restored.
  • March 26, 2014 12:37 PM | Deleted user

    Taking over the old Al Long Ford facility at 13711 E. Eight Mile in Warren will be Mazen Foods, a new 35,000 square foot full-service grocer.   The site includes an additional 15,000 square feet of retail space, as well as outlot possibilities.

    Contact Oakwood Properties in Troy at 248-689-1111 for site details.

  • March 10, 2014 4:24 PM | Jordan Twardy

    The Eight Mile Boulevard Association (8MBA) is speaking out on the importance of comprehensive regional transportation in Southeast Michigan. The 8MBA Board of Directors, including leaders in the public and private sectors, spoke with one voice in a letter of support to assert that the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan (RTA) should see its funding allocation of $2 Million restored by the State Legislature. 

    This funding, meant to hire a competent CEO and staff, as well as to fund the creation of a comprehensive plan for regional public transportation, was stripped from legislation in the Michigan House of Representatives back in February, and with the Michigan State Senate's rejection of that measure, the issue is now headed to a legislative conference committee for a final decision. 

    8MBA believes that this funding is necessary to create the fiscal certainty and confidence necessary for the RTA to fulfill its mandate successfully, rather than exhausting valuable time seeking grants, ahead of a regional vote on transportation funding in 2016. 

    As the primary champions for a corridor that not only links all four RTA counties (Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne), but sees some of the highest transit ridership in the state, we believe that comprehensive regional transportation can only succeed with firmness of purpose and the resources to act. 

    We hope the state will provide necessary funding for our regional transit efforts to get off to a strong start, and we encourage Eight Mile stakeholders to contact the legislative conferees that will be deciding on this issue in the coming days:

    Hon. Jase Bolger, Speaker of the House of Representatives

    Hon. Randy Richardville, Senate Majority Leader

    Hon. Joseph Haveman, MI State Representative

    Hon. Al Psholka, MI State Representative

    Hon. Rashida Tlaib, MI State Representative

    Hon. Roger Kahn, MI State Senator

    Hon. John Moolenaar, MI State Senator

    Hon. Glenn Anderson, MI State Senator

  • February 06, 2014 11:17 PM | Deleted user

    The “Big Four” - Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and County Executives Robert Ficano (Wayne), Mark Hackel (Macomb) and L. Brooks Patterson (Oakland) serve on the 8MBA Board of Directors and headline our annual Leadership Luncheon.

    It’s official - the region’s “Big Four” political leaders have all confirmed their participation in this year’s 8MBA Annual Leadership Luncheon, set for Friday, April 25. The “Big Four”, including County Executives Robert Ficano (Wayne), Mark Hackel (Macomb) and L. Brooks Patterson (Oakland), along with the newly-elected Mayor of Detroit, Mike Duggan, will take center stage at Cobo Center in Downtown Detroit.

    The 8MBA Annual Leadership Luncheon is our signature annual event and fundraiser. The event, which generates 25% of 8MBA’s annual operating budget, brings more than 500 movers, shakers and decision-makers in the public and private sectors together under one roof to reflect on our shared mission to revitalize Eight Mile, progress made and the road ahead.

    In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to view all the details and even register online at the 8MBA webpage, so stay tuned for details on this exciting, regionally-renowned event.

    Contact the 8MBA Office with any questions or to take advantage of the exciting sponsorship opportunities available.

    Governor Snyder leads the keynote discussion at last years 2013 Leadership Luncheon

    A packed house of over 500 guests enjoy unch at last year’s 8MBA Leadership Luncheon

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