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Featured 8MBA Member - Binder Street Block Club

May 29, 2015 11:25 AM | Anonymous
Binder Street Block Club - Featured Community Member Organizations of the 8MBA

 8MBA is proud to bring to light one of our most active neighborhood community groups, as this month's featured 8MBA member, the Binder Street Block Club (BSBC). 

BSBC has become a force for good in the community, driving a significant amount of improvements at Farwell Field and its surrounding area in Detroit. The Farwell Field initiatives started about 3 years ago, and in that time BSBC has transformed the park to become an expansive community garden that serves as a gathering place and healthy food source for the neighborhood.

With the support for Farwell growing immensely, contributions from major organizations like University  of Michigan and Michigan Community Resources lead to over $5,000 in grants funding CB radio patrols and health focused programming and amenities. 

Strong neighborhood's make a strong 8 Mile and we're proud to partner with Binder Street Block Club and other organizations that take to heart the revitalization of their neighborhoods. 

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