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8MBA Attracts $80K in Funding & Volunteers for 3 Detroit Parks

July 17, 2014 2:03 PM | Deleted user

Michigan Nonprofit Association kicks off the Summer Park Transformation on Monday, July 14th at Knudsen Park.

8MBA is no stranger to the revitalization of parks along Eight Mile Road. From Founders Park in Farmington Hills to Farwell Field in Detroit, 8MBA has leveraged partnerships and resources to improve the corridor’s green spaces. In 2014, in support of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s aggressive Adopt-a-Parks Program, 8MBA has attracted more than $80K for three Detroit parks near Eight Mile

Knudsen Park (Total Investment: $75K+)
This highly visible park at the corner of Eight Mile and I-75 is about to get a major overhaul. On July 14, 8MBA Board Member Mike Rafferty led a team of volunteers from the Michigan Nonprofit Association  who joined 8MBA for a cleanup to remove litter and vegetative overgrowth from the park, but that is just the beginning.

8MBA secured a $25K donation from Tom’s of Maine and is partnering with Bleeding Heart Design to replace fencing, overhaul the basketball court and inject public art into this highly utilized public space this summer. Tom’s will also hold a social media campaign to raise additional funds for park amenities. The City of Detroit has been working alongside 8MBA to support the planned improvements to Knudsen Park.

O’Hair Park (Total Investment: $5K)
This unique horticultural gem near Evergreen sits just one block south of Eight Mile Road, behind a DTE Energy sub-station. A huge public park, O’Hair is the largest city park in Detroit that is surrounded completely by residential homes. The park links those neighborhoods to nearby Henry Ford High School and Corpus Christi Church, and is host to the Pitcher Woods, which contain tree and vegetation species that do not grow anywhere else in Detroit.

With the help of 8MBA Board Member Jennifer Korman, 8MBA secured a $5K commitment from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services to enhance O’Hair Park’s amazing array of amenities. Currently in the planning stages, this project is set to kick off in September.

Farwell Field (Total Applied Funding: $5K)
Farwell Field is the largest park in Detroit with Eight Mile frontage. A vast green space used by model plane enthusiasts and nature-lovers alike, the field is also connected to the city’s Farwell Recreation Center, a major center of all-weather fun for Detroit youth.

Since 2012, 8MBA has worked with the Binder Street Block Club, an 8MBA member organization that has taken ownership of this renowned field in partnership with the city. The block club’s community garden has – literally – grown into a major success and source of pride (and excellent produce) for the neighborhood. 8MBA has supported this garden through our annual Clean the D event. In 2014, 8MBA Board Member Devin Corn helped bring CITGO’s nationwide Fueling Good Road Trip to the park, helping to put a national spotlight on efforts of the community.

Now, the community is ready to take their efforts to the next level. We’ve partnered with Binder Street Block Club on a $5K application to Michigan Community Resources’ SAFE Grant Program, in an effort to establish a CB Patrol and other community safety measures in and around Farwell Field.

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