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8MBA Bids Farewell to Executive Director Tami Salisbury - Promotes Jordan Twardy as Replacement

February 06, 2014 10:48 PM | Deleted user

[A Seamless Transition: Outgoing Executive Director Tami Salisbury leaves 8MBA poised for success with the new leadership team she helped assemble: Jordan Twardy (Executive Director), Steve Horstman (Director of Programs) and Corissa Leveille (Challenge Detroit Fellow)]

After more than eleven years at the helm, Tami Salisbury is stepping down from her role as 8MBA’s Executive Director, and a new leadership team has been put in place.

Effective February 10, 2014, 8MBA’s Director of Programs Jordan Twardy has been promoted to serve as Executive Director, and former Eastpointe Downtown Development Authority Director Steve Horstman has been tapped to fill Twardy’s old role. Salisbury moves on to serve as  Executive Director of the Paint Creek Center for the Arts, the organization behind Rochester’s renowned Art & Apples Festival.

In her time as Executive Director, Tami Salisbury helped 8MBA become a formidable agent of positive change for the Eight Mile corridor, expanding the reach of its programs, strengthening its fiscal stability and positioning the organization for future success. 

Under Salisbury’s leadership, 8MBA achieved significant accomplishments: over twenty façade transformation projects, millions of dollars in grants secured, the attraction of Eight Mile investments such as Gateway Marketplace, thousands of volunteers engaged and a sterling reputation throughout the region as a well-managed organization that achieves tangible results.

In a farewell to the organization, Salisbury thanked 8MBA Board Members, business members and other partners, noting that she “enjoyed working with each and every one of you and have truly appreciated the spirit of regional collaboration that I have seen during my tenure at 8MBA.”

The new leadership team’s appointment came at the recommendation of Salisbury herself as well as the 8MBA Board of Directors’ Administrative and Executive Committees.

Salisbury expressed utmost confidence in Twardy, asserting that “we will see the path to revitalize Eight Mile continue and thrive under his leadership” and lauded Horstman’s professional background and strong reputation throughout the region as major assets to the organization.  Twardy affirmed the team’s readiness to take up the mantle, saying of the transition “we are grateful for the high point to which Tami has led 8MBA, and Steve and I are eager to build on her work and take our revitalization efforts to the next level. “

8MBA is truly grateful to Tami Salisbury for all she has done to advance the organization and serve as a champion for Eight Mile and regional collaboration. The corridor is a better place and 8MBA is poised for a strong future because of her efforts. We wish her well as she embarks on the next chapter in her professional career.

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