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Brother Rice Joins 8MBA for 2013 Day of Service

November 04, 2013 12:11 PM | Deleted user
Brother Rice High School, a perennial Eight Mile partner, brought over 65 student and parent volunteers for their 2013 All-School Day of Service on Monday, October 28th.

The volunteers helped overhaul pedestrian pathways on Eight Mile Road between Woodward and John R, near the Grand Truck Railroad Bridge. This area is used by many to access the new Gateway Marketplace and Meijer at Eight Mile and Woodward.

Volunteers removed approximately two dumpsters full of litter, debris and vegetation from the corridor. Additionally they painted fire hydrants and guardrails along the sidewalk. We are grateful to our friends at Brother Rice for their latest service to the Eight Mile corridor which, as always, provided a significant aesthetic boost to the area.

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