2017 Sponsorship Opportunities

There are several exciting opportunities to directly support 8MBA's efforts through contributions to our many programs and initiatives aimed at revitalizing and promoting Eight Mile Road. Not only that, but...

100% of your sponsorship dollars go directly into the revitalization of Eight Mile Road. 

That means your tax-deductible sponsorship dollars are removing litter and graffiti, renovating commercial buildings through our //FACADE IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM, maintaining gardens and supporting //DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS throughout the corridor, from bike lanes to retail developments, and ensuring that Eight Mile's neighborhoods and businesses have a champion that fights for their inclusion in regional planning and policy decisions while coordinating collaboration among dozens of agencies, institutions and other stakeholders. 
17th Annual
8MBA Leadership Luncheon

Our signature event - a panel discussion with the region's "Big Four" leaders and 750+ movers and shakers from throughout southeast Michigan

Eight Mile
Neighborhood Task Force

Community cleanups, median landscaping, tool rental program and other resources to support active, beautiful neighborhoods
Eight Mile
Placemaking & Engagement

Special events and programs to highlight and support Eight Mile businesses, veterans, and other unique elements and stakeholders along the corridor. 

Benefits of Being an 8MBA Sponsor

For a complete overview of how your contribution helps Eight Mile and benefits you, download the 2016 SPONSORSHIP OVERVIEW. Be sure to also review available discounts and custom packages

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, we encourage you to review both documents and find the level which best suits your desire to contribute to Eight Mile. 8MBA staff will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding sponsorship.  We look forward to your participation as an 8MBA Sponsor in 2017, and remember; sponsorships totaling $2,500 or more include complimentary 8MBA membership.

Connect with us as a sponsor today, and become a partner in the revitalization of Eight Mile Road!


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