Support 8MBA

There are multiple ways to support the Eight Mile Boulevard Association. Check out the list below of different ways that you can give 8MBA!

DONATE TO 8MBA: Supporters are essential in spreading the vision of Eight Mile. By making a financial contribution of any size to the 8MBA, you are helping to ensure continued efforts to improve the  Eight Mile corridor. //DONATE

SPONSOR 8MBA: Sponsors are crucial in helping to maintain essential programming along the Eight Mile Corridor. By sponsoring* the 8MBA you are helping to sustain 20+ years of community wide collaboration//SPONSOR
EIGHT MILE PRIDE: Volunteers are a shining example of Eight Mile Pride.  Each year, our 500+ volunteers work hand in hand to beautify the Eight Mile Corridor. //HANDS ON 8 MILE

SHOP EIGHT MILE: Eight Mile Businesses are the backbone to the boulevard. Whether your needs are for business or personal, help support the local Eight Mile businesses by shopping locally along the corridor. //DIRECTORY

*8MBA is a fully charitable 501(c)(3) organization, and as such all forms of support are tax-deductible.

Looking for Additional ways to link in with 8MBA?

  • Join us for our annual //LEADERSHIP LUNCHEON each spring.
  • Attend Community Meetings and Law Enforcement Forums.
  • Follow 8MBA and spread the word to your friends and family.     
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